Online Admission

Covid-19 Redressal Committee


Chairman Prof. Dr. V. Rajendran,
Convener Dr.S.Saravanan,
Dean - Admin


Roles & Responsibilities

  • To update the students community about the corona virus updates from the government agencies
  • To create awareness about the importance installing and taking the self-assessment test in Aarogya Setup app.
  • To organize guest lectures and competitions among the students to create awareness about corono virus.
  • Arranging yoga and stress management sessions for faculty members to handle the pandemic stress situations.
  • To handle and solve the grievance of students relating to examination & academic activities during the present Covid-19 crisis period.

Tenure of the Committee

Tenure of the Committee will be Two Consecutive Academic years.

Periodicity of the Meeting

The Committee will meet twice in a semester on June / July and October / November in odd Semester. January / February and April / May in even semester and when ever required.