Center For Academic and Industrial Collaboration


  • To bridge the gap between academia and Industry.
  • To provide well-groomed employability opportunity to students to take up the challenges in the industry.
  • To take up Research work in Colleges in association with the industry and turned into products and services.
  • To facilitate partnerships between scientific researchers from both industry and academia to drive innovation.
  • To open new gateway to career opportunities.


Chairman Principal
Convener Dean – Admin

Dr. A. Nirmala,
Computer Applications

Dr. S.Mathankumar,


Dr. A. Sumathi,
Computer Science

Dr. R. Karunathan,

Mr. R. Ashok Kumar,

Mr. M.A. Prasad,

Dr. M. Marimuthu,

Functional Mou's


Name of the Institution/Industry/ Organization


Date of Signing of MoU

Renewal Date of MoU

Mou Link

1 Veranda Learning Solutions Training for Competitive Examination 19.01.2024 18.01.2027 PDF
2 Thirdeye, Salem Valued Added Certificate Course -Communication Enhancement Programme 15.12.2023 14.12.2026 PDF
3 Iyarvi Research Center for Bioinformatics Value Added Course 22.02.2024 21.02.2025 PDF
4 ICT Academy Certificate and Value Added Training Courses 06.02.2024 05.02.2025 PDF
5 MSME Technology Development Center, Chennai Industry oriented Skill Development Certificate Programmes 22.09.2023 21.09.2024 PDF
6 Global IT Academy Tally essentials certification program 30.10.2023 29.10.2024 PDF
7 Chezhiyan academy CA/ CMA/ CS Coaching class 11.10.2023 10.10.2024 PDF
8 Analytics Society of India Value Added certificate course in business analytics 19.09.2023 18.09.2024 PDF
9 Nunnari Labs Private Limited Value Added Certificate Course in AI, Data Science and Big Data Engineering 19.9.2023 18.9.2024 PDF
10 Brainswig Edutech Pvt. Ltd. Value Added Certificate Course in Data Analytics using R and Tableau 19.9.2023 18.9.2024 PDF
11 Dainey Education Certificate Course on Digital Content Writing 4.9.2023 3.9.2024 PDF
12 Sprout Knowledge Solutions Private LTD. Value Added certificate Course in Web 3.0 & Full stack development 4.9.2023 3.9.2024 PDF
13 Cubiksoft Technologies PVT. LTD. (Unit of QTree Technologies) Value Added certificate Course in Cloud computing - AWS 4.9.2023 3.9.2024 PDF
14 FITA Training | Placement Value Added certificate Course in Digital Marketing 4.9.2023 3.9.2024 PDF
15 Energetic Byz Plus Value Added certificate Course on Marketing and Sales Excellence 31.8.2023 30.8.2024 PDF
16 AVT Academy for Professional Education PVT. LTD. Training Programme and Seminar 23.8.2023 22.8.2024 PDF
17 Topmans Education and Career Horizons Pvt. LTD Skill Development Course in GST 3.8.2023 2.8.2024 PDF
18 AOSTA Software Technologies Training Programme, certificate course and Seminar-Staff and Students 20.7.2023 19.7.2024 PDF
19 Hackup Technologies Pvt. Ltd Skill Development Course 17.7.2023 16.7.2024 PDF
20 Priyadarishini Chemicals Training Programme and Seminar-Staff and Students 12.7.2023 11.7.2024 PDF
21 Rajam Enterprises Discarding Used Sheets 30.3.2023 29.03.2024 PDF
22 Futuristic Bioscience Capacity building, skill development entrepreneurial training and participation in research and development 01.03.2023 28.02.2024 PDF
23 Miranda house, University of Delhi Collaborative institutional development, Academic & Research Enrichment and Training 16.02.2023 15.2.2024 PDF
24 Moon Foods Skill Enhancement 08.02.2023 07.02.2024 PDF
25 Annamalai Capital Services Private Limited, Coimbatore Training on Finance and Capital market 01.02.2023 31.01.2024 PDF
26 Confederation of indian industry Enhancing leadership skills 14.10.2022 13.10.2023 PDF
27 Infosys Limited Certificate course (Spring board) 11.10.2022 10.10.2027 PDF
28 Golden Jublee Biotech park for Women Society Capacity building, skill development entrepreneurial training and participation in research and development 05.07.2022 05.06.2025 PDF
29 Gobi Arts and Science College, Gobi Collaborative institutional development, Academic & Research Enrichment and Training 21.02.2022 20.2.2024 PDF
30 Vellalar College for Women, Erode Collaborative institutional development, Academic & Research Enrichment and Training 21.02.2022 20.2.2024 PDF
31 Tourism and Hospitality Skill Council (THSC), New Delhi Diploma Course 16-12-2021 16-12-2024 PDF
32 New Technology Mobile service and Training Institute Training on Mobile service 27-10-2021 26-10-2023 PDF
33 LEDAA International Foundation Coaching Classes for CMA & CSEET Foundation classes 22-09-21 Life Time PDF
34 BEST Academy CA Foundation Coaching Classes 22-09-2021 Life Time PDF
35 NCVRT-Vocational Training Center Diploma Courses 09-09-2021 08-09-2023 PDF
36 Epic Coating Academy (ECA) Certificate Course 25-08-2021 24-08-2023 PDF
37 No Disposal, Waste Value Chain, Coimbatore Waste Management 05-07-2021 04-07-2024 PDF
38 Phoenix IT Consulting, Chennai Data Visualisation and Big Data Analytics 21-04-2021 20-04-2024 PDF
39 BFSI Outcome based Trainings, Assessments and Certification on Qualiication Packs(QP) and National Occupational Standards(NOS) 09-04-2021 08-04-2024 PDF
40 Dr.N.G.P. Institute of Technology Training and Skill Development 17-03-2021 16-03-2026 PDF
41 Twirltact Technology Solutions Private Limited, Coimbatore Workshop, Internship Training and Faculty Development Program, Lab Set up and Skill Development Centre. 03-02-2021 02-02-2024 PDF
42 Winways Informatics Pvt. Ltd. Madurai (RED HAT Academy) Free online courses (Hands -on Curriculam for Academic Programs 31-12-2020 Life Time PDF
43 Explore Academy Education and Training for Competitive Examinations 24-11-2020 23-11-2023 PDF
44 Gateway Software Solution Software Training and Development 28-08-2020 Life Time PDF
45 Ferns Charitable Trust, Coimbatore Skill based organic farming training and Education 16-07-2020 Life Time PDF
46 AOSTA Software Technologies, Coimbatore Training and Placement 16-07-2020 Life Time PDF
47 KMCH Training and Skill Development 06-05-2020 05-05-2025 PDF
48 Tekno Therm Industries Waste Management 01-08-2018 30-07-2023 PDF
49 Virtual Labs Nodal Centr Programme, Amrita Vishwa Vidyapeetham( An initiative of NME-ICT, MHRD) VALUE Virtual Labs and Training (Virtual Labs Workshop is sponsored by MHRD (NME-ICT)) 10-07-2017 Life Time PDF
50 NPTEL, IIT Madras SWAYAM NPTEL Local Chapter-Online Course SWAYAM NPTEL Local Chapter-Online Course Life Time PDF
51 KMCH Pharmacy, Coimbatore Infrastructure Facilities 01-09-2016 Life Time PDF
52 IIT Bombay Spoken Tutorial 05-03-2015 Life Time PDF
53 UTL Technologies Limited, Bangalore Skill Development 13-02-2015 Life Time PDF

Minutes of Meeting