Antiragging Committee


Chairman Principal
Convener Dr. S. Saravanan,
Dean - Admin

Dr.J.Rengaramanujam, Microbiology

Dr.S.Namasivayam, Com(BPS)


Dr. S. Senthil Prabhu, Microbiology

Dr. Arun P, Biotechnology

Dr.K.Selvi, Tamil

Dr.A.Kettiramalingam, Commerce (BPS)


Roles & Responsibilities

  • To ensure quality higher education in a ragging free campus for nation building.
  • Create awareness among the students about the menace of ragging through students induction program(SIP)
  • Any ragging even to the level of query on names will be subjected for action
  • Any kind or level of harassment both to male and female students will be monitored and forwarded to concern authorities for further actions
  • A team will be constituted for different blocks with representations from all the departments for constant monitoring
  • Monitoring the entry and exit of the students in different zones of the college to ensure the ragging free environment
  • Verbal behavior among students will be monitored to avoid the consequence of ragging
  • Any person involved in ragging will be dealt with the guidelines of UGC-Govt. of India.

Tenure of the Committee

Tenure of the committee will be three academic years.

Periodicity of the Meeting

The committee will meet twice in a semester/four times in a year (June/July, Oct/Nov, Dec/Jan and Mar/Apr) or whenever required.


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