Astronomy Club

Club Objectives

  • To recognize and foster students’ interest in Astronomy and Astrophysics
  • To stimulate students’ curiosity on questioning and exploring the mysterious nature of the universe.
  • To update the darkest secrets of universe by talks of eminent personalities, Workshops, star gazing sessions and visit to observatory centres.
  • Procure monitoring support from government and other support agencies for Astronomy related activities.


Chairman Prof. Dr. V. Rajendran, Principal, Dr.N.G.P Arts and Science College
Convener Dr. D. Geetha Ramani, Dean - Academic Affairs
Coordinator Dr. P. Revathi, Head, Commerce with Banking and Insurance
Staff Co-ordinators

Mrs.A.Saravanapriya, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Physics

Mrs.R.Revathi, Assistant Professor, Dept. of Physics

Student Office Bearers

V. Rohit Stephen – III- B.Sc Physics

Joint Secretary:
P.Srivasavi – II B.Sc Physics

V. Vasanth – III B.Sc Physics

Executive Members:
S.A. Keerthan – II B.Sc Physics
R.Sneha – II B.Sc Physics
R.Santhiya – II B.Sc Physics
P. Jawahar Raja – I M.Sc Physics
G. Brundha – III B.Sc Physics

Club Activites (2020-21)



Resource Person

Description of the Event

No of students attended

1. 21.12.2020 Mrs.A.Saravanapriya
AP/Physics, DrNGPASC
Club members and public were guided to use free skywatch apps like “skysafari” and Startracker” through video lectures using which one can experience better in finding the position of the planets in the sky. More than 50 Students (Open to all)
2. 31.12.2020 Dr.C.Selva Kumar
Prof&Head, Dept.of Physics DrNGPASC
Special lecture on “Astronomical Events” 54
3. 20.02.2020 Mrs.R.Revathi
Objectives and future activities were discussed 36
4. 27.02.2020 Mrs.A.Saravanapriya
AP/Physics, DrNGPASC
Demonstrated few mobile Apps(Skyview, Star tracker) used to view celestial bodies 38
5. 06.03.2020 Mrs.A.Saravanapriya
AP/Physics, DrNGPASC
Instructions on how to experience the best sky with unaided eyes. 17
6. 19.03.2021 Prof.K.Sakthivel
President, Coimbatore Astronomy Club.
Invited talk on fundamental science behind the telescope and Demonstration using the telescopes Celestron Nexstar 4SE and Celestron Astromaster 130EQ was given as an hands on session 30
7. 19.03.2021 Prof.K.Sakthivel
President, Coimbatore Astronomy Club
Club members and public were enjoyed the closer look on various clusters, nebula, mars and Moon through our telescopes and Binoculars 35
8. 26.05.2021 Mrs.A.Saravanapriya & Mrs.R.Revathi
Awareness on Lunar Eclipse 90
9. 03.06.2021 Mr.Unnikrishnan,
Research Scholar, Astronomical Observatory of the Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland
Webinar on Dark side of the Universe Sir has explained about the expansion of Universe and statistical study of the large scale structure of the Universe 65
10. 07.06.2021 Dr. B. Hari Haran,
Scientific Office (D), Cosmic Ray Laboratory, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Ooty
Special lecture on the topic entitled “Meeting the mysterious messengers of the Universe”. Sir has explained about the working principle of the cosmic ray detectors that are installed in their research institute 35
11. 09.06.2021 Dr. A. Shanmugaraju,
Assistant Professor, Department of Physics, Arul Anandar College, Madurai
Webinar on the topic entitled “Sun and Its Activity” Energy source Sun and its various spectral behaviours were clearly explained by Dr.A.Shanmugaraju. 30
12. 09.06.2021 Dr. D. Khanna,
Assistant Professor, Department of Applied Physics,
Karunya Institute of Technology and Sciences, Coimbatore
Special Lecture on the topic entitled “A Journey across Space and Time: The Enigmatic Universe”. Sir has explained about the Universe, Galaxies, Asteroids, Exo- planets and many interesting facts about the astronomical events 30
13. 10.10.2021 Organizers:
Mrs.R.Revathi, AP/Physics
World Space Week Celebration- In this regard, the Astronomy club of Dr. N.G.P Arts and Science College initiated to ignite the young minds to explore more about the Space and Astronomical events by conducting online events like Quiz, Essay writing and Drawing Competitions especially to the School students. 183

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