Consultancy Advisory Committee


Chairman Principal
Convener Dean - R & D

Dr. J. Savitha ,
Information Technology

Dr. M. P. Kumaran,


Dr. K. Renuka,

Dr. S. Saranya,

Dr. M. Sampath Kumar,

Computer Science

Commerce (IT)

Commerce (A&T)


Roles & Responsibilities

  • The proposal as recommended by the Head of the Department/ Centre and the consultancy Committee shall be put up for the Principal’s approval
  • Monitor the progress of consultancies
  • The Committee shall review the progress reports submitted by the faculty / students
  • The Committee shall submit reports annually to the authorities of the institution
  • The committee shall encourage students and faculty to participate in various knowledge updating programmes, networking platforms etc.
  • Staff / Students who are willing to work on consultancy projects may be permitted as per Institute norms to do so provided it does not affect their academic commitments and performance.
  • The consultancy advisory committee is constituted with the Principal as chairman, Dean, R&D as Convener, and research faculties as coordinators and members.
  • The staff members and students of Dr. NGPASC may undertake consultancy and or provide technical services to industry and other organizations. The techniques and revenues of improving consultancy activities will be discussed in the meeting.

Tenure of the Committee

The Committee shall hold office for a term of three Academic years.

Periodicity of the Meeting

The Committee will meet four time in a year and twice in a semester.

Minutes of Meeting


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