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As India is a vast nation, so many different languages are spoken here. Many different languages are spoken in different states and many people who speak different languages live here. It causes a great hindrance in uniting the country. So, there should be a language that can unite the country as a whole. As per the constitution there are twenty-two recognized languages, Hindi as national language. A common language should have some peculiarities as it should be widely spoken and understood in most of the parts of the coun┬Čtry. Secondly, it should be rich. It should have an ability to express itself in the subjects of culture, religion, philosophy, literature and science etc. Its vocabulary should be highly rich and vast. It should be easy to follow. Changes in the language should be acceptable according to change in time. Hindi satisfies these conditions. It is accepted even in southern parts of the country. Hindi is very popu┬Člar in foreign countries, too. Seminars on Hindi language are being organized in foreign countries. In Mauritius Hindi is very popular


To inculcate in students the intricacies of Hindi Language which is our National language and also to make the students fluent users of the Hindi language.


The Mission of Hindi department is to hone the students' intellectual intensity of literary zeal through innumerable instructional objectives to meet the needs and demands of the brave new world.

Faculty Details

01. Assistant Professor and Head
Mr. Santosh Kumar
M.A., B. Ed., P.G.D.T.


Teaching: 17.5 years


Spoken Hindi

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