International Students Forum


Chairman Principal
Convener Dean - Student Affairs


Roles & Responsibilities

  • To give orientation to the newcomers.
  • To receive the new students from the point of arrival.
  • To encourage students to participate in college cultural, sports, and other inter departmental activities in order to enhance their communicative skills and help them to address important issues challenging them.
  • To inspire international students to get involved in various volunteering opportunities in the community so as to develop their career skills.
  • To motivate the students who are depressed and lagging behind in studies.
  • To add a separate web page in the existing college website, exclusively for the international students in order to provide information regarding local weather conditions, accommodation facilities, travel, visa details, transport and other essential details.
  • To update the created web page periodically.
  • To create a blog for the international students so as to share their information.
  • To support the candidates during the graduation process.
  • To connect with the college alumni committee in order to know their placements and help the graduated students for higher education.
  • To assist the students in extending their visa period during any unexpected disasters.

Tenure of the Committee

The Committee will hold responsibilities for a term of three Consecutive Academic years.

Periodicity of the Meeting

The committee meeting shall be conducted twice in a year or whenever required.


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