Laboratory Safety Committee


Chairman Principal
Convener Dean - R & D



Dr. N. Kumaresh,
HOD Artificial Intelligence & Machine learning

Dr. E. M. Koushika,

Ms. N. Rajarajeswari,
Food Science and Nutrition

Ms. M. Mynumathi,


Roles & Responsibilities

  • Develop policies and guidelines to assist in addressing hazardous materials and processes in the laboratory workplace to ensure that personnel work safely.
  • Provide guidance and administrative oversight of environmental health and personnel safety in teaching and academic research laboratories.
  • Ensure that students, scholars, faculty and staff receive orientation training on lab safety.
  • Ensure that the laboratory supervisor (technical staff) checks and follows the prescribed lab safety guidelines.
  • Ensure that first aid kits and fire extinguishers are available in every laboratory.
  • Ensure that students, scholars, faculty and staff are given proper training to use the safety kits in case of emergency.
  • Ensure that equipment in the laboratory are properly serviced and maintained.

Tenure of the Committee

Tenure of the Committee will be Three Consecutive Academic years.

Periodicity of the Meeting

The Committee will meet twice in a semester such as, in the month of June/July and October/November for Odd; December and March for Even semester.

Minutes of Meeting