NSS Committee


Chairman Principal
Convener Dr. S. Saravanan,
Dean - Student Affairs

Mr N. Krishnaraj,

Ms R Reena Rani,

Mr B Narasimhan,
Computer Technology


Mrs V. S. S. Srinivasan,

Dr A. M Ramachandran,

Dr T. Sivakumar,


Roles & Responsibilities

  • Circular will be given to all 1st year UG students for the enrollment. Selection will be done as per the university guidelines.
  • The Enrollment for students will be 50% each from 1st and 2nd year. Total enrollment students will be 100 for each unit. Hence total number of students will be 300.
  • The list of enrolled students shall be submitted to university for approval.
  • To organize orientation programme for 1st year students emphasizing NSS motto aims, Objectives, different societal activity and also responsibility towards our college cleanliness.
  • Motivating the NSS students to indulge in community service using senior NSS students.
  • Maintain a record of volunteer participation and programme undertaken by NSS volunteers on different occasion.
  • Activities like blood donation camp, campus cleaning; various awareness programmes shall be organized in association with different clubs.
  • Develop students a sense of social and civic responsibility through community engagement
  • Identification and adoption of villages as per university regulation.
  • To design, plan and execute special camp activities at adopted villages.
  • Felicitate request from various government/ private organization for volunteers.
  • Awareness Programme like International yoga day, rally, road safety day, Swatchh bharat, Kavalan application, AIDS, Women’s day, International Mother Language days etc., and also important days are observed.
  • To identify the students (NSS volunteers and other members) for Friends of Police.
  • Record the activities of regular and special camp systematically.
  • Submit the report periodically to the university.
  • All the expenditure will be met by university allotted budget.
  • The proper settlement of accounts done during end of financial year.
  • In order to improve the societal contribution each units will take one responsibilities namely green initiative, Personal hygiene and awareness programmes.
  • Organize special programmes in the above there categories with the support from organization like NGO’s etc.

Tenure of the Committee

The Committee will hold responsibilities for a term of three Consecutive Academic years.

Periodicity of the Meeting

The committee will meet twice in every semester/ 4 times in a year during the month of June, August, December and March or whenever required.

Minutes of Meeting


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