Scholarship Assistance Committee


Chairman Principal
Convener Dr. S. Saravanan, Dean - Student Affairs

Mrs. G. Ilakkia,
Commerce with Corporate Secretaryship


Mr. S. Ramesh Kumar,

Mrs. S. Sasikala,
Clinical Lab Technology
Mr. M. Gunasekaran,
Commerce with Computer Applications
Mrs. P. Menaka,
Information Technology
Dr. B. Vignesh,
Ms. V. Sneha,
Management Studies


Roles & Responsibilities

  • To identify the students deserving the scholarship for their academic and non-academic performance.
  • To provide the guidelines for selection of the students for scholarship assistance through official communication.
  • To coordinate the process of offering academic scholarships to the students on the following criteria:
  • 25% and 50% concession in tuition fee for the students securing marks stipulated by the college management in higher secondary examination.
  • Concession in the tuition fee for the rank holders of the department getting admitted for post graduate courses.
  • Concession in the tuition fee for the alumni students getting admitted for post graduate courses.
  • Concession in the tuition fee for the students referred by alumni students.
  • Concession in the tuition fee for the son or daughter of Ex-service men.
  • To intimate and coordinate the procedures for applying various government scholarships such as Tamil Nadu Government Adi Dravidic welfare scholarship, Minority scholarships, Central sector scholarship, Tamil Nadu Educational Trust Scholarships, Indira Gandhi scholarship for single girl child, State and Central government scholarships for research scholars.
  • To motivate the students to apply for different scholarships.
  • To identify the economically challenged students to continue their education through scholarship assistance.
  • To achieve a competitive spirit among the students to receive the scholarships.
  • To achieve an enhanced competitiveness among the students through various activities of the committee.
  • To monitor the progress of the students receiving the academic and sports scholarship from college management through class advisors.
  • To maintain the database of the students applying for academic and sports scholarships, documents related to the scrutiny, selection, monitoring and follow-up in coordination with concerned departments.
  • To renew/withdraw the scholarships based on the students conduct and performance as per the college rules and regulations.
  • To monitor the scholarship beneficiaries after their course of study to ensure the impact of scholarship offered during their course of study.

Tenure of the Committee

Tenure of the Committee will be for three Academic years.

Periodicity of the Meeting

In an academic year four meetings will be conducted to discuss the functioning of the Committee during the month of June, October, December and April.

Minutes of Meeting


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