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Medical Physics is a branch of Applied Physics that uses Physics principles, methods and techniques in practice and research for the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of human diseases with a specific goal of improving human health and well-being.

Dr.N.G.P. Arts and Science College offers two-year Master of Medical Physics programme through Department of Basic and Applied Sciences since 2012 and it has been approved by Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB), Mumbai. Dr.N.G.P. Arts and Science College has collaboration with Kovai Medical Center and Hospital, Coimbatore to utilize their facilities for academic activities of Medical Physics students during course work. The programme aims at providing a comprehensive introduction to the academic, research and practical aspects of Physics applied to radiation medicine. The main focus of the course is to prepare the students for a career as clinical Medical Physicists and Radiological Safety Officers.

Medical Physicists work in clinical, academic or research institutions in India and abroad. Medical Physicists working in clinical environment are health professionals. The principal functions and responsibilities are establishment and implementation of health care technologies with emphasis on patient diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. Also they involve in acceptance and commissioning of equipment, radiation dosimetry, governance of radiation protection and safety programs, quality assurance programmes, research and teaching.

To strengthen the professional development and to promote professional competency for Medical Physicists who are working in Clinical/industry, Radiological Physics and Advisory Division (RP&AD) of Bhabha Atomic Research Center (BARC) conducts Radiological Safety Officer (RSO) certification examination.



2 Years + 1 Year Internship






B.Sc., in Physics


To achieve leadership in Medical Physics at the International level and actively participating in the community institutions.


To offer an efficient environment that empowers learning in intellectual development; imparts quality education and hands-on training programmes for Medical Physics students to enhance their efficiency and to produce professionals as Medical Physicists, Academicians or Junior Research Investigators.

Academic Activites (2022-23)

Guest Lecture/Invited Lecture

S.No Date Name and Designation of the Resource Person Topic Venue Beneficiary
1 17-Oct-22 Mr. Giridharan M.Sc.,MRSO
Chief Medical Physicist & RSO, Clear Medi Radiant Hospital, Mysore, Karnataka
TG-43 formalism for Brachytherpy I & II M.Sc. Medical Physics Students (20)
2 26-Sep-22 Mr.S.Sankar M.Sc.,RSO
Medical Physicist , VPS Lakeshore Hospital & Research Centre, Kerala
Future Aspects for Medical Physics B-1516 I & II M.Sc. Medical Physics Students (20)
3 25-Apr-22 Mr.M.Midhun Kumar
Medical Physicist and Application Specialist, Scan-O-Plan systems, India
Role of Medical Physicist in Health Care I & II M.Sc. Medical Physics Students (20)

Extension Activities

S.No Date Nature of the extension Place Students involved



Health , Hygiene & Sanitation

Sankar Samakulam Village

I M.Sc.Medical Physics (10)

Staff Recognitions

S.No Name of the Staff Acted As Name of the Programme Date Venue


Mr. D. Sivakumar

Resource Person

ATAL Sponsored Faculty Development Programme


Sri Eshwar College of Engineering

Staff Participation

S.No Date Name of the Faculty Name of the Workshop/FDP/Training Programme College
1. 14-Nov-22 to 18-Nov-22 Mrs.K.Indhumathi International online FDP on Current Scenario in Advanced Material Research and Nanotechnology Rajus’ College Rajapalayam
2. 08-Nov-22 Mrs.K.Indhumathi National CME “ AI in Medical Imaging” AIMS, Bathinda
3. 05-Nov-22 to 07-Nov-22 Mr.D.Sivakumar 43rd Annual Conference of Association of Medical Physicists in India ( AMPICON -2022) AIMS , New Delhi
4. 27-Oct-22 & 28 –Oct-22 Mrs.K.Indhumathi Two Days National Level FDP on “IPR, Entrepreneurship and Start-ups IOT Academy
5. 22-Jun-22 to 24-Jun-22 Mr.D.Sivakumar FDP on “ Advanced Radiotherapy and Nuclear Medicine Techniques” KMCH, Coimbatore.
6. 22-Jun-22 to 24-Jun-22 Mrs.G.Daisy FDP on “ Advanced Radiotherapy and Nuclear Medicine Techniques” KMCH, Coimbatore.

Students Participation

S.No Date Name of the Students Event College Inter Collegiate / Inter Departmental Prizes won
1 05-Nov-22 to 07-Nov-22 P. Santhosh Kumar
II M.Sc.Medical Physics
Quiz Competition 43rd Annual Conference of Association of Medical Physicists in India ( AMPICON -2022) Inter Collegiate 2nd Prize (Certificate with Rs. 3000 cash Prize)

Students Counseled

S.No Name of the class Number of Students
1 I M.Sc. Medical Physics 10
1 II M.Sc. Medical Physics 10

Archive (2015-2022)


Faculty Details

01. Assistant Professor and Head
Mr. D. Sivakumar


Teaching: 4.7 Years | Industry: 1 Year


Radiation Dosimetry

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02. Assistant Professor
Mrs. K. Indhumathi


Teaching: 2.10 Years | Industry: 1.8 Years


Radiotherapy, Diagnostic Radiology, Radiation Safety.

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03. Assistant Professor
Mrs.Daisy G


Teaching: 6 Years | Industry: 5 Years


Radiotherapy Treatment Planning, Brachytherapy

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04. Assistant Professor (Relieved on 03-Jun-22)
Grace Mercy
Mrs. S. K Grace Mercy


Teaching: nil | Industry: 1.5 Years


Radiation Therapy

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05. Professor - Visiting Faculty
Mr.S. Anto Vaz
M.Sc., RSO



Teaching: 17 Years


Commissioning, Treatment Planning, Quality Assurance

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06. Professor - Visiting Faculty
Dr.R. Madhu Sairam
MBBS., M.D. Radiotheraphy


Teaching: 15 Years


Neuro - Oncology, Pediatric Oncology

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07. Professor - Visiting Faculty
Mr.E.R. Radha Krishnan


Teaching: 35 Years


Diagnostic, Low & High Dose 131-I Therapy

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08. Professor - Visiting Faculty
Dr. R. Subramaniam


Teaching: 23 Years


Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy

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09. Assistant Professor - Visiting Faculty
Ms.M. Menaga Devi


Teaching: 9 Years


Biomedical Instrumentation & Medical Image Processing

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M.Sc. Medical Physics

Programme educational objectives

The Curriculum is designed to attain the following learning goals which students shall accomplish by the time of their Post Graduation:

  • The aim of this programme is designed to enable a student to optimize their learning and their knowledge by implementing in medicine and biology in order to improve health care.
  • To develop new methods & techniques for the radiology and imaging and radiotherapy related science.
  • To plan radiotherapy treatment methods, delivery, verification and execution.
  • To develop radiation dosimetry and ensure radiological safety of healthcare workers, patients and public.
  • At the end of the programme, students will have an in-depth knowledge in the field of Medical Physics and related sciences.

Programme outcomes

On the successful completion of programme the following are the expected outcomes.

PO Number PO Statement
P01 To impart the quality of Medical Physics program, which focuses on the clinical application of radiation sciences in medicine. Students are trained to play a central role in developing, planning and implementing patient treatment programs.
P02 To apply Medical Physics theories, methods and tools related to measurement of radiation dose (relative and absolute), verification of output from radiation producing machines, patient-specific treatment plans development, approval, and verification.
P03 To provide hands-on clinical education and to prepare the graduate for the AERB board certification examination and a professional career in radiation therapy.
P04 To develop treatment plans that provides adequate target coverage while sparing normal and critical tissues.
P05 To demonstrate an awareness of the complexity of knowledge in Medical Physics as well as receptiveness to alternative interpretations, new knowledge, and alternative approaches to problem solving.

Student's Achievements

Prizes Won in Paper Presentation/ Project Contest/Best Paper Award/Symposiums/Workshop

S.No Date Name Event Venue  
Academic Year 2018-2019
1. 02-Nov-18 To 04-Nov-18 I year & II year Students 39th Annual conference of Association of Medical Physicists of India AMPICON-18,Chennai. Participation
Academic Year 2017-2018
1. 04-Nov-17 To 07-Nov-17 I year & II year Students 17th Asia-Oceania Congress of Medical Physics“AOCMP – 17” in conjunction with38th Annual Conference of Association of Medical Physicists of India AMPICON – 17- Jaipur
2. 20-Jan-18 I year Students One day Seminar- Advances in Radiation Therapy Team Best- Radisson Blu, Coimbatore Participation
3. 17-Feb-18 I year Students One day Seminar- Imaging Modalities Sun Insititute, CITRA Auditorium Participation
4. 24-Feb-18 I year Students One day Workshop- Brachytherapy KMCH, Coimbatore Participation
Academic Year 2016-2017
1. 21.11.2015 Ms. Nivetha.V
Mr. Sakthivel
Second Prize in Quiz Competition AMPICON 2015  
2. 19.11.2016 Mr. Muhammed Ashik
Ms. Bhuvaneshwari.V
Second Prize in Quiz Competition AMPICON 2016  
Academic Year 2015-2016
1. 20.11.2015 M.Uma mageswari A study of computed tomography dose index measurement using head and body phantom using nomex dosimetry 36th Annual Conference of the Association of Medical Physicists of India, RCC, Trivandrum  
2. 20.11.2015 N.Abisarooba
Quality Assurance and Quality Control for Fluoroscopy using NOMEX Dosimetry 36th Annual Conference of the Association of Medical Physicists of India,RCC, Trivandrum  
3. 20.11.2015 C.D. Jincy Study of production and attenuation of bremsstralung using beta source 36th Annual Conference of the Association of Medical Physicists of India, RCC, Trivandrum  
4. 20.11.2015 M.Naresh kumar Measurement of half value thickness and evaluation of mass absorption using gamma ray spectrometry 36th Annual Conference of the Association of Medical Physicists of India, RCC, Trivandrum  
5. 20.11.2015 A.Harvin nelson Isocenter verification for linac based stereotactic radiation surgery and radiation therapy 36th Annual Conference of the Association of Medical Physicists of India, RCC, Trivandrum  
6. 20.11.2015 V.Nivetha Study of linearity and energy calibration using        gamma ray spectrometry 36th Annual Conference of the Association of Medical Physicists of India, RCC, Trivandrum  
7. 20.11.2015 T.Priya Measurement of half value thickness and evaluation of mass absorption coefficient 36th Annual Conference of the Association of Medical Physicists of India, RCC, Trivandrum  
Academic Year 2014-2015
1. 21.12.2014 Mr.Vignesh
Mr. Gowrisankar
Second Prize Quiz Competetion JIMPER, Puducherry.  
2. 20.12.2014 Mr.Vignesh
Mr. Sankar
Presented a Paper in the topic of Evaluating Dosimetry of a Novel Phantom for Irradiating Blood Components using Photons and High Energy Electrons JIMPER, Puducherry.  
3. 21.11.2014 Mr. Vignesh
Mr. Sankar
Third Prize Quiz Competetion Pravara Institute Of Medical Science – Pune