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Students Counseling Committee


Chairman Prof. Dr. V. Rajendran,
Convener Dr.V.Shanmugaraju,
Dean - Student Affairs

Dr.M.Shanthini Devi,
Commerce CA

Commerce PA

Internal Members

Bio Chemistry


Mr. M.A. Prasad,

Dr. N. Chandrakala,
Commerce IB

Information Technology

Ms. U. Suji,
Hospital Management

Ms. M. Malarselvi,

External Members

Mrs.N.Mangaleshwari Manjari

Psychology & Student Counselor, KMCH College of Health Sciences, Coimbatore-48.


Roles & Responsibilities

  • Facilitates personal wellbeing of the students through support and guidance of trained counselors.
  • Provides counseling on social and personal issues such as depression, low self esteem, disruptive classroom behavior, Stress etc., by conducting individual counseling session.
  • Help the students with academic difficulties such as slowness in understanding, poor academic performance, concentration issues etc., with needed counseling.
  • Assures a confidential atmosphere in which the students can discuss any concerns they may have.
  • Assist the students to identify their inner strength and weaknesses, which enables them for their holistic development.
  • Organize lectures for students on mental health and addiction issues in general.
  • Facilitate with proper infrastructure for conducting awareness program.
  • Refer the students to professional psychiatrics or counselors for guidance, in severe cases.
  • Initiate counseling session to improvise teacher-student relationship.
  • In order to solve the issues, the cell even seeks the help of the students’ parents and if needed counseling sessions are arranged.
  • Helps the students to overcome class, social, and cultural barriers.
  • Performs continuous monitoring of the counseled students through re-evaluation/reassessment process.
  • Recommends the coping strategies for the counseled students to overcome post counseling issues.

Tenure of the Committee

The tenure of the committee will be for two years.

Periodicity of the Meeting

In an academic year four meetings will be conducted to discuss and plan the activities of the cell during the first week of May/June, October/December, January/February and April/May.