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The Department of Commerce Accounting and Taxation is one of the new-fangled Programme of Dr.N.G.P. Arts and Science College which came into existence in the year 2018. The aim is to impart in- depth knowledge and professional skills in Accounting and Taxation to the students. By acquiring the required knowledge the students can involve in the activities of various Accounting, Financial Management, Tax Planning, Derivatives Management, Goods and Service Tax, etc. After completion of this Programme the students will be equipped with entrepreneurial, analytical thinking skills that enable them to actualize accounting and tax applications in business life.



3 Years






H.S.C. Passed


2 Years






1 Year (FT) / 2 years (PT)




M.Sc Physics with 55% or above


To produce skilled and smart professionals in the field of accounting and taxation.


To guide the young minds to promote the maximum standards of ethics, education, and professional excellence for the vital benefit of humanity with active and creative mind in the field of Accounting and Taxation


Department Activites (2023-24)

Guest Lecture/Invited Lecture

S.No Date Name and Designation of the Resource Person Topic
1 08-Aug-23 Dr.Balaji Devarajan
Head, Centre for IPR, KPR Institute for Engineering and Technology , Coimbatore
Innovation - a Pathway to Intellectual Property
2 06-Jul-23 Shri.Sasikumar
Life Style Mentor/Enlighten Speaker, Gurukulam, Coimbatore.
Technological Advancement and Their Impact on Entrepreneurship
3 15-Dec-23 CMA G.M. Krishnahariraam
Associate Functional Consultant Wipro, Bengaluru
Career Counseling for Higher Studies
4 16-Dec-23 CA. Naison Louis
Director, GST Center- Teach Group, Cochin
The Sustainability Imperative on GST
5 24-Jan-24 Mr. K. Mohanraj
Vice President of Tirupur Tax Practitioner Association, Tirupur
GST Practitioner

Seminar /Workshop Conferences organized

S.No Date Nature of the Event (Conference/ Seminar/Workshop ) Title of the Event Resource Person
1 05-Sept-23 Conference National Conference on Digital Transformation in Business: Opportunities & Challenges (DTBOC-23) Dr.Selvaraju Murugesan
Head of Data Science Kovai.Co, Coimbatore

Mr.V.Sanjay Balasubramani
Head-Business Strategies and Creative Director, Creativeville, Bengaluru

Founder of 123
2 13-Dec-23 & 14- Dec-23 Workshop Finance Application and Interpretation Mr. S. Alagupandi
Aakkam Industrial Training and Research Institute, Coimbatore
3 23-Jan-24 Workshop Foundations of Fin Tech Mr. Arunkumar V.A
Consultant, Institutional Relations Miles Education, Bengaluru

Co-curricular Activities

S.No Date Name of the Event
1 24-Jul-23 National Tax Day
2 08-Aug-23 IPR Awareness Program
3 30-Aug-23 National Small Scale Industries Day Celebration
4 07-Sep-23 Swatchhatha Pakhwada Celebration
5 23-Sep-23 Survey analysis Presentation of PM JanDhan Yojana Scheme
6 22-Sep-23 Intra Department competition
7 24-Jan-24 International Customs Day Celebration

Extension Activities

S.No Date Nature of the extension Place Students involved
1 20-Jan-24 Awareness about Endowment Assurance – Postal Life Insurance Plan Resource Person- Mr. I. Duraipandi Field Officer, Postal life insurance, Uppilipalayam, Coimbatore Sarkar Saamakulam 18

Alumni Interaction

S.No Date Title Alumni
1 09-Sep-23 Fixing Mindset to Learn New Things Ms. Alfiya D
Analyst, State street HCL Services, Coimbatore
2 16-Dec-23 Adapting to Corporate and its Culture Mr. B. Kowshik (2020-23 Batch)
Analyst, Morgan Stanley Capital International, Coimbatore

Other Activities

S.No Date Title Resource Person
1 19-Jan-24 Parent Interaction Program- Focus Your Goals Mrs. Aruna. V
Senior Grade Teacher (English), Velammal Bodhi Campus, Theni

Archive 2018-23


Faculty Details

01. Professor and Head
Dr. T. Snekalatha
M.Com., MBA., M.Phil., Ph.D.


Teaching: 17.8 years | Industry: 1 year


HR Management, Financial management

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02. Professor
Dr. N. Kodhai Nayaki
M. Com., M. Phil., M.B.A., PGDCA., Ph. D.


Teaching: 19.10 years


Finance & Marketing Management

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03. Professor
M.Com., M.Phil., NET(UGC)., Ph.D., DCA.


Teaching : 11.2 Years | Research : 11.2 Years


Marketing, Finance, HR Management

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04. Associate Professor
M.Com., M. Phil., PGDCA., MBA., SET., Ph.D.


Teaching: 16.4 years | Research: 12 Years


Marketing & Human Resource

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05. Assistant Professor
Ms.T.Maheswari, M. Phil., (Ph.D.)


Teaching: 5.6 years | Research: 1 Year


Accounts, Marketing & Management

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06. Visiting Faculty
B.E (ECE), M.A(Public Admin), M.B.A (H.R),


Teaching: 20 years


GST & Central Excise

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Programme Educational Objectives

The Curriculum is designed to attain the following learning goals which students shall accomplish by the time of their graduation:
  • Able to demonstrate a substantial understanding of concepts in the key areas of accounting and its applications.
  • Build professional excellence in the area of Taxation with creative mind.
  • Attain the skill in the Field of Accountancy & Taxation as Accountant, Entrepreneur, Scholars, Researchers and Tax consultants.
  • Perform with corporate ethics and abide with law to serve the society.

Programme Outcomes

On the successful completion of the programme, the following are the expected outcomes :
  • P01: Gain basic knowledge in Accounting and to understand the Field of Taxation to serve the society..
  • P02: Understand the corporate world with professional skill.
  • P03: Obtain the basic skill for their professional excellence at global level.
  • P04: Progress with the socio-economic challenges related to accounting & taxation and shaping a successful individual.
  • P05: To act with ethics and to serve the society.

Department Achievements (2023-24)

Staff Publication

S.No Name of the Faculty Title Journal Name ISSN / ISBN No., Date of publishing, Vol. No. Impact Factor Indexed in (SCI/WoS/UGC/SSCI/Scopus)
1 Dr.E.Karthika and Mrs.T.Maheswari A Contemporary Analysis of Bajaj Finance's Financial Performance   Juni Khyat   ISSN: 2278-4632 Sep-23 Vol-13, Issue -09, No-05   6.625   UGC Group I
2 Dr.E.Karthika and Mrs.T.Maheswari Impact of Sales Promotion on New Children Products the Hindu   Education and Society   ISSN: 2278-6864 Sep-23 Vol 46, Issue-4, No-10 6.718   UGC Group I
3 Mrs.T.Maheswari Implementation of Artificial Intelligence in Banking Sector based on Coimbatore city Pakisthan Heart Journal   ISSN: 0048-2706 Aug-23 Vol 56, no 2   Scopus
4 Dr.Anandalakshmy   Financial Performance Analysis of Selected Oil and Natural Gas Companies in India   International Journal of Environmental Economics, Commerce and Educational Management   ISSN-2348-814X Aug.23 Volume 10, Issue 8     UGC Care Group II  
5 Dr.E.Karthika   The Financial Performance Analysis of An Insurance Sector with Special Reference to HDFC Life Insurance Journal of Harbin Engineering University ISSN: 1006-7043 Jul-23 Volume 44 Issue No. 7   Scopus, UGC  
6 Dr.T.Snekalatha   Effect of Mobile Marketing on the Customers Behaviour in Banking Sector Eur. Chem. Bull - ISSN 2063-5346 Jun-23 12(Special Issue 5), 2024-2034   Scopus, UGC  
7 Dr. E. Karthika & Mrs. T. Maheswari An Analysis of Financial Statement of ICICI Bank with Special Reference to Coimbatore City Bharatiya Shiksha Shodh Patrika ISSN 0970-7603 Dec 2023 Vol. 42, No. 2(IV) 7.28 UGC Care Approved, Group I
8 Mrs. T. Maheswari & Dr. E. Karthika A Study on Brand Addiction among Millenial Towards Sportswear in Nilgiris Journal of Foundational Research ISSN 2395-5635 Dec 2023 Vol. XXXI, No. 2(H) UGC Care Indexed
9 Mrs. T. Maheswari & Dr. E. Karthika Customer Satisfaction Towards Sukanya Samridhi Yojna Scheme with Special reference to Coimbatore City Journal of the Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda 0025-0422 Dec 2023 Vol 57, No. 1(IX) UGC Care Approved, Group I

Book Publications

S.No Date Name of the Staff Name of the Book Name of the Publisher Year of publication ISBN
1 Sept-23 Dr.N.Kodhainayaki Marketing Management Charulatha publications 2023 978-93-5577-721-8
2 Dec-23 Dr. N. Kodhainayaki Indirect Tax Scientific International Publishing House 2023 976-93-5757-615-6
3 Dec-23 Dr. T. Snekalatha Cost Accounting Multi Spectrum Publications 2023 978-81-19419-32-6

Staff Recognitions

S.No Date Name of the Staff Nature of Recognition Organization / Institution
1 22-Sept-23 Dr.E.Karthika Resource Person KG College of Arts & Science
2 27-Sept-23 Dr.E.Karthika Academic External Auditor Rathinam College of Arts and Science
3 29-Sept-23 Dr.T.Snekalatha Resource Person Vellalar College for Women
4 29-Sept-29 Dr.E.Karthika Resource Person KG College of Arts & Science
5 06-Jan-24 Dr. E. Karthika Resource Person SNMV College of Arts & Science
6 24-Jan-24 Mrs. T. Maheswari Resource Person VLB College of Arts & Science

Staff Presentation

S.No Date Name of the Staff Name of the Event Title of Presentation Organization / Institution
1 02-Aug-23 Dr.T.Snekalatha One day National Seminar Skill India: Challenges and Issues NGM College, Pollachi
2 02-Aug-23 Dr.A.Anandalakshmy One day National Seminar Skill Development Schemes and its impacts NGM College, Pollachi
3 02-Aug-23 Dr.N.Kodhainayaki One day National Seminar Skill Development and Self Employment NGM College, Pollachi        
4 10- Aug-23 Mrs.T.Maheswari One day National Seminar Salient Features of New Education Policy   NGM College, Pollachi
5 10- Aug-23 Dr.E.Karthika One day National Seminar Impact of New Education Policy among Future Generation NGM College, Pollachi

Staff Participation

S.No Date Name of the Staff Event Organization / Institution
1 07-July-23 to 13-July-23 Dr.Anandalakshmy FDP on Upskill your resources Ayya Nadar Janaki Amman College
2 17-July-23 to 29-Sept-23 Mrs.T.Maheswari FDP on Entrepreneurship Amirta Vishwa Vidyapeetham  
3 17-Jul-23 to 29-Sep-23 Dr.E.Karthika FDP on Entrepreneurship Amirta Vishwa Vidyapeetham  
4 24-Aug-23 to 26-Aug-23 Dr.N.Kodhainayaki FDP on Technology and Digital Transformation Sri Ramakrishna College of Arts & Science
5 19 -Sep-23 to 26-Sep-23 Dr.N.Kodhainayaki FDP on System of Cultural Transformation Hindhusthan College of Arts & Science

Students Presentation

S.No Date Name of the Student Name of the event Title of Presentation Organization / Institution








One Day National Seminar

Skill Development schemes and its impact

NGM College, Pollachi





Janapriya.S, Madhumitha.G,


One Day National Seminar

Impact of New Education Policy among Future Generation

NGM College Pollachi

Students Participation

S.No Date Name of the Student(s) Event Organization / Institution





Face Painting

PSGR Krishnammal College for Women







Face Painting

Hindhusthan College of Arts and Science





Arshiya Taj.N,



360 Degree Problem Solving


SNS College of Engineering



4 31-Jan-24 ArshiyaTaj.N & Nithyasri .R.V. Connection Kongunadu Arts & Science College, Coimbatore I Prize


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